Planning to Travel to Norway? Check These Tips

Norway Travel Tips

Most folks consider Norway to be among the world’s costliest tourist destination. However, do not be discouraged by this notion, especially when you plan to travel on a tight budget. Individuals with the tiniest of wallets could still derive maximum fun of the marvelous history and values of Norway while maintaining a healthy budget. The following are some amazing money-saving pieces of advice & tips that will enable you to travel around Norway like a boss, all on a tight budget.

Look for Cheap Rentals & Accommodations

Even if somewhere to stay within Norway might be among your largest expenses, various tactics might help you in reducing your expenditure. Ensure that you undertake some online research before your trip to Norway and book your accommodation as early as possible. This would enable you to get the most amazing travel deals.

Become Part of a Hotel Loyalty Scheme

In case you decide to vacay in various hotels all around Norway, it would be advisable to try out a hotel loyalty program. There are numerous schemes the likes of Scandic Friends, operated by the largest chain of hotels in Scandinavia. It offers amazing discounts at all of its hotels. Better still, as you vacay in more of its franchises, you gain numerous discount points.

Discount Cards

If you intend to derive optimum benefits out of your city break, it would be a worthwhile investment to buy a discount card that offers free or subsidized entry fees to tourist attractions & arts centers in Norway. In most cases, public transport is also included. Moreover, obtaining an Oslo Pass is a noble way to make savings on your money while at the capital of Norway.

The Bergen Card caters to all your transportation needs using the city buses. The light rail from the city’s main airport to town and the discounted or even free entrance to some main attractions within the city, e.g., KODE museums, will save you a lot.

Visit the Wild

In Norway, you can camp freely since this is a legal activity. One major requirement is to pitch a tent at a minimum of 150 meters from the closest cabin or residence. The same rule also applies to caravans & camping vans.

Apart from extremely remote locations or mountainous regions, you are required to seek a landowner’s approval in case you intend to stay beyond two nights within the same location. Nevertheless, camping in Norway is a remarkable way of attaining low accommodation costs.

In case the language barrier in Norway limits you, hire an interpreter. If you can’t find an expert to translate English to Norwegian, you can use translation site. This will help you find your way around easily, especially if you travel to rural areas.

Explore Nature

There is no need to spend tons of cash visiting artificial tourist destinations within Norway. The chief tourist attraction in Norway is the outdoors, which is free for everyone to see. Visit waterfalls and go to spectacular viewpoints above breathtaking fjords & shorelines. One good thing is that all these areas are free to tour based on the nation’s “Right to roam.” What’s more, the same applies to all unconfined tracts of land.

The Bottle Shop

If you want to save some cash while on your trip, avoid drinking in Norway. Alternatively, if you get a craving for alcohol, do what the locals do. Take a drink at your hotel before going out.

In Norway, weak beer is available in stores. However, for other types of alcohol, you will need to go to the bottle shop. There, you’ll purchase wine at reasonable prices, in addition to stronger alcoholic drinks.

Car Rental

Buses and commuter trains could rapidly become costly. If you travel with friends, it would be prudent to rent a car to reduce costs. This also implies that you could go to venues that are difficult to access and making stops for selfies and at terrific viewpoints, all at your convenience.

Renting a vehicle in Norway might be a high cost. Nevertheless, it is advisable to make comparisons between different deals to find the best one. Nevertheless, if you do not mind obtaining the latest model or a brand new car, some services rent out considerably aged cars at reasonable fees. One thing to note is that in case you intend to drive long distances, most companies have stringent limits on mileage, and this can drive up the cost.

Most importantly, do not forget the aspect of fuel cost. Norway is among those with the highest cost of petrol.

Museums That Don’t Charge Entrance Fees

Some arts centers within Norway provide free entrance at least once in a week or once-a-month. Others don’t charge anything and are unrestricted to enter throughout the year. Therefore, spare some time to visit the respective websites and make plans accordingly. For instance, the Arkitekturmuseet does not charge any entrance fees on Thursdays.

Take Advantage of Hotel Breakfast

The majority of hotels offer a breakfast buffet that will see you through midday and early afternoon. Decent hotels offer eggs, cheese, fresh & smoked fish, cold meats, jams, bread, and cereals, among others. Therefore, if you take a substantial breakfast, you may even skip lunch.

The Bottom Line

Many people skip Norway in their travel plans because of how expensive it can be to travel there. So, if you wish to travel to Norway or perhaps you’ve already booked a flight, the tips mentioned above should help you plan your visit to Norway as well as save as much money as possible.